Thank You, Lizzie B.

by Andrew Whipple

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An original Lizzie Bennet rock song! Inspired by the wonderful webseries/Pride & Prejudice adaptation "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries."


What is this feeling? How have I never felt this way before right now?
It bears repeating, can someone please explain it, someone tell me how,
That a teenaged male, a guy like me
Could get swept all the way to Pemberley?

It seemed so innocent. Just a simple little click on a YouTube link
Look at the time I've spent. It's become quite apparent that I need to rethink
My opinions and thoughts and prior disdain
For the collected works Ms. Austen, comma, Jane.
And a hundred fifty episodes later nothing is the same....

Thank you, Lizzie B, for ruining my life forever
How could there ever be another more perfect endeavor?
I gave you my heart and you left me like Bing
Now on my Mondays & Thursdays I got nothing
So thank you, Lizzie B, for breaking my heart.

Think you're so special? Well, I'll totally be fine, you won't be missed.
What's that I'm reading? Totally not a dog-eared copy of Pride & Prejudice...
Ok fine, I admit it, I miss this show a ton
Now just let me freakin' see more of the Ly-di-yah!
Or at least another Kitty Bennet pun!

Well it wasn't all seahorses and rainbows
Not everything you did was a hit.
There were plenty of things you guys didn't get right like.... enough Fitz!
Damn, even that's complimentary
Did you guys really make no mistakes?
And now it's all gone and its over,
Its like a nightmare from which I can't wake....

Fine then whatever. I guess its time I admit defeat.
Wait there's another? A Jane Austen novel that's incomplete?
Well in that case bravo, you guys hit a home run
I guess one story must end before another has begun
Hank of all the vlogbrothers you're totes my favorite one

Thank you Lizzie B, for changing my life forever
How could there ever be another more perfect endeavor?
I gave you my heart, you're coming back like Bing!
I gotta freak out all about this on the Nerdfighter ning!
So thank you, Lizzie B, you'll always be in my heart.


released July 10, 2013
Music/Lyrics written, and all instruments performed by Andrew Whipple




Andrew Whipple Chicago, Illinois

Would probably be very influenced by Superchunk and Bob Mould, if I knew where to start in their discographies.

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