Summer Songs

by Andrew Whipple

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A set of original, alt-country songs by Andrew Whipple (who doesn't usually make this kind of music, but I guess he's just full of tricks, ain't he?)


released April 22, 2014

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Andrew Whipple, with the exception of "Summer Song," which was co-written by Andrew Whipple, Jason Mills, and Joe Bufi.




Andrew Whipple Chicago, Illinois

Would probably be very influenced by Superchunk and Bob Mould, if I knew where to start in their discographies.

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Track Name: Little Touch
How goes the night? Does the dark still hold you close
A lonely child hanging on to pictures of a ghost
Red, white, and blue hang from the place you used to stay
"Never again," were the last words that I heard you say
I ever heard you say

A little drop of courage and a little smile and wave
And a little touch of magic in the way your hips would shake
If you want me when you're smiling, you sure don't want me anymore
If you need me just to hold you I don't have to know the score
But just let me know

Carry on, I drive to Boston in the night
Move along, I kept the records, turned out the lights
Where are you now? Sitting under the cold fluorescent lights?
Still playing loud? 'Cause I remember when things were right
Things were alright

We were holed up in my bedroom wearing out the Gaslight tapes
Burning holes into the ceiling, breathing fire and screaming flames
Like an angel in the morning, kiss this devil and say goodnight
Hold me closer, you whispered sweetly "Turn it to Mulholland Drive"
But not tonight
Track Name: Keep Me Alive
I hope the world ends before the party does
'Cause I need time not to pass
Tequila and trampolines and burnout eyes
You know they saved the best for last
Maybe tomorrow the sun will start shining
But the dawn's still far enough away
Stay here in my arms in the darkness
No other world beyond the smile on your face

Pretend the mascara's not running
Regrets are for another day
Lets make the clock stop ticking
Let the lights fade away

Rings on your fingers and god on our tongues
I want the feel of your lips and the beat of the drums
No face in the mirror, no tears in your eyes
It's your hands in mine that'll keep me alive

Can you hear the music playing only one room off
Guitars crash in the midnight sound
Is this the kind of song you'd dance to all night
If you had another boy around?
But tonight there's no need for motion
Lets just watch the walls around us burn
Tell stories of Shakespeare and New York boys
Sit back and watch the world turn

Ignore any thoughts of tomorrow
Rest your head on my shoulders and stay
Just melt in my arms and let it go on
Would you want it any other way?
Track Name: Summer Song
I remember when the sun shined all day
And I remember when we took our time
But now the summer has gone away
What kind of fools we were to think it would stay

Remember driving, not a care in the world
Listen to the radio play songs about girls
Time was everywhere, it meant nothing to me
The sun kept on shining, baby we were free

But it's too late for walks in the park
And it's too late to be scared of the dark
A sun-kissed face on a moonlit night
Singing songs that didn't rhyme
In the summertime

I remember playing guitar by the road
I remember all the stories that we told
I'd strike a match, she'd give me a flame
No matter how often she burned me, I'd come back again
Track Name: Josephine
Making songs out of inkblots and stomachs of gin
Sing ill-fated dreams to the stars at 2:30 AM
All I want is to sing slowly and only to you
I sit, the proud and the lonely, bleeding the truth

Pour a drink for tonight, strike a match for the promised land
Red wine, coffee, and cigarettes curled up in our hands
Breathe me in, bleed me dry, that's what we call romance
Josephine, promise me you won't make any plans

Cut my teeth on the diamonds that litter your tongue
Tried to see through the fumes of your smoking gun
A sad song's best for winter, but now we're in spring
So what's left for us but the sound of the telephone ring