ew, feelings

by Andrew Whipple

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An EP of garage rock songs written poorly in a french dorm room and recorded poorly in a seattle basement.

(Best listened to through garbage headphones.)


released March 3, 2015




Andrew Whipple Chicago, Illinois

Would probably be very influenced by Superchunk and Bob Mould, if I knew where to start in their discographies.

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Track Name: Any 2 U
I went to the late show of a band I didn't know
But I heard they're the shit so I got to the front row
And when I got up there against the barrier
I tried not to stare at the girl with the long hair
The same color and cut as you had
The last time we talked this time last year
But who knows what you look like now?

But now that I think it through it couldn't have been you
The girl that I knew would never go see a band who
Played in 5/4 time, had songs that didn't rhyme
And genres you can't define, but then again I'm someone
Who when it comes to you
Is no authority
But who knows what you listen to now?

My phone's got 600 songs to play
And 191 contact names
But only 2 of those songs are about you
And 1 of those entries is all about you
And I don't mean to brag but I've gotta say
That I get maybe 2 or 3 texts a day
But none of them are from you
But to be fair I don't send any to you anymore
Track Name: The Ballad Of Bucky Barnes
I used to dream in black and white
Now I'm dreaming in black and blue
I'll wrap up your hands before you punch another mirror
If you'll draw me a sick tattoo

This fan's blowing 24/7
But the power bill's on your parent's dime
I don't what you think about heaven
Because I doubt I'll be the first in line

Do you want me to play a rock song?
Do you want to stand outside my window all night long?
Or do you want to get away, get drunk walking along the interstate,
Do you want to find a place where a beating heart's alright?

I met you getting up to play
The red-headed stepkid of a violin
We clowned around until midnight
Then we wished we that we could do it again

No fucking, just a kiss and cuddle
And turn on Captain America 2
This wine's got me feeling all muddled
Does it do anything for you?
Track Name: God It Helps
You never thought you were all that likable
So you thought they lied when they called you cute
And that party was unadvisable
But we had nothing better to do
You asked me if I thought it's recyclable
But threw it out before I could answer you
And the address was unreliable
So we just wandered for an hour or two

I said I get stressed out by girls in tank tops
But you said you'd never kiss a boy in shorts
So let's just respect our prejudices
And pray to god they never get any worse

It's not like I only send you texts when I'm drunk
But god it helps

45 past midnight
And I should probably catch a bus by now
Because it's an hour and a half ride
And I still need to make a transfer downtown
You said that I could stay over
And you wouldn't make me sleep on the couch
But then we'll cry about him in the morning
So it's probably better if I'm not around

Now I don't love you like he loves you
Because he loves you enough for you to love him back
But I am real good at pretending
So when we kiss I close my eyes, let it fade to black
Track Name: 1-2-3-4
He said "Before I jump, I'd need to know
The ending to the Game Of Thrones
I could die happy knowing Khaleesi's still kicking
And if not what's worth living anymore?"

You spilled your soda on the floor
As we turned the corner pulling out from the store
Dodging sports cars in your old white minivan
With ominous dents in the passenger door

For the longest time our only dream
Was just to survive our teens
But now that it's done, now that we've won
Only losers ask what it means

Her mind's programmed to be an open book
Liz Phair attitude and a sideways look
A half bottle of wine on a Tuesday and a cup of tea on a Friday night
Six words were all it took

Cross your heart and pray to die
See no evil and tell no lies
The music plays and the DJ tries
To keep us dancing for another night
Hold my hand and break my heart
Finish last and never start
The suicide note's a dying art
The most put together are the most torn apart

But we can listen to songs that go like "1-2-3-4"
But in a punk way, not like the Feist song
Track Name: Bands You Like
I know the bands you like
And all the bands you know I know you like
Because those are the ones I can't put in these songs
Because you'll know it's about you if you ever sing along
Have you seen Veronica Mars?
Do you the way to all the hot new indie bars
I'm just 21 so I'm out of the loop
I watched TV instead of party with your much cooler group

I prayed to your gods while you fed blood to all of my demons
You killed all my dreams but I Schrabed all your tweets so we're even

You said that kids who went to prep school don't get to play punk
And hey man, I think that you're right
But your tumblr's full of polaroid shots of artsy tattoos
So you don't really get to fight