Late Show

by Andrew Whipple




A pair of demos of new pop-punk/folk-punk songs, with some cool covers to make the medicine go down.


released 05 September 2014

Errething played by Andrew Whipple.

Any 2 U/Sleep written by Andrew Whipple

Pray For Rain/Backflip originally performed by The Ergs/The Front Bottoms respectively.




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Track Name: Any 2 U
I went to the late show
Of a band I didn’t know
I heard they’re the shit so
I got to the front row
And when I got there
Against the barrier
I tried not to stare
At the girl with the long hair

The same color and cut as you had
Last time we talked this time last year
But who knows what you look like now

But I think that it’s true
It couldn’t have been you
The girl that I knew
Would never go see a band who
Played in 5/4 time
Had songs that didn’t rhyme
And genres you can’t define
But then again I’m

Someone who when it comes you
Is certainly no authority
And who knows what you listen to now

My phone’s got 600 songs to play
And 191 contact names
But only 2 of those songs are about you
And 1 of those entries is all about you
And I don’t mean to brag but I gotta say
That I get maybe 2 or 3 texts a day
But none of them are from you
But to be fair I don’t send any to you anymore
Track Name: Sleep
Sweet talking through a poison pen
I never dreamed that I would see you again
Hollow bones for a skeleton
You kinda hoped you’d never see me again

Fireproof in that leaden dress
I was lying when I wished you the best
Burnt away like a cigarette
Were you lying when you told me the rest?

If I told you where’d I’d be
When you said those words to me
Could you sleep..
If I told you what I’d seen
Instead of a cold apology
Could I sleep

Holding out for heroine
Took a breath and counted backwards from ten
Never thought that I could win
Took a breath and counted backwards again

But do you need me tonight?
Are you burning through your lights?
Would it feel all right
To get a little bit tighter
When I scream in to the night
And smash the tail lights
Would it feel all right
To get a little bit higher